Why You Should Never Date Your Cousin

Why You Should Never Date Your Cousin

Why You Should Never Date Your Cousin

So, you’ve been watching too many royal family dramas on Netflix and you’ve started to ponder the wisdom (or lack thereof) of dating your cousin. It might seem like an intriguing thought: you share similar backgrounds, common relatives, and you might even get along well.

However, this is a rabbit hole you definitely don’t want to dive into. As much as Hollywood (and German soaps) enjoy romanticizing the idea, here’s a reality check: it’s a terrible idea. Let’s go ahead and break down why, shall we?

9 reasons (as if you really need them!) why you shouldn’t date your cousin

1. Potential genetic complications for offspring

The primary reason to avoid dating your cousin is science. When parents are closely related, there’s an increased risk of certain genetic disorders for their offspring. This is because everyone carries some genes that are recessive, which means they only show up if a person receives two copies of the gene – one from each parent.

If you and your cousin share a set of grandparents, there’s a greater chance you both carry the same recessive genes. It’s not a guarantee of health issues, but the risk is significantly higher than in non-related couples.

It’s not just about potential birth defects either, but also about the overall genetic health of any potential children.

2. The societal taboo is still strong

Secondly, let’s talk about societal norms. Yes, it’s the 21st Century and we’ve come a long way, but dating your cousin is still considered a taboo in most cultures. Even if you can get past the awkward family dinners, you might find it tough dealing with the stigma.

People are inherently judgmental creatures, and the potential backlash from society might be more than you can handle.

3. Complicated family dynamics

Next on the list is the inevitable family drama. Should things not work out (and let’s face it, many relationships don’t), it could lead to a potential rift within the family. It’s one thing to avoid your ex at a coffee shop, but imagine having to deal with the fallout at every family event.

Navigating the aftermath of a breakup is already tricky, but this would dial up the awkwardness to an entirely new level.

4. Limiting your dating pool

Dating your cousin drastically narrows your dating pool. This might not seem like a big deal at first, but consider the vast world of possibilities out there.

By focusing on a relative, you’re overlooking the potential to meet diverse individuals who could bring new perspectives, experiences, and growth into your life. Sticking to the family tree might not just limit your genetic diversity, but also your personal development.

5. Lack of individual identity and personal growth

In a relationship, personal growth is crucial. Dating a cousin could lead to an environment where you’re constantly surrounded by shared family history and experiences. It can hinder your ability to establish your own identity separate from your family.

Being with someone from a different family or background allows you to learn and grow from their unique experiences and perspectives, which could be invaluable in your personal development journey.

6. Difficulty maintaining boundaries

Boundaries are essential in any relationship, and they can get blurry when dating a cousin. As family members, certain things are expected of you that might not be expected in a romantic relationship.

For example, family members usually give unconditional love and support to each other, even when there are disputes. The same can’t be said for romantic situations. Striking a balance between the familial and romantic can be a difficult tightrope to walk.

7. A messier breakup

When you’re dating someone, there’s always the risk of a relationship ending. If you’re dating a cousin, the emotional toll of a breakup could be much higher. Not only do you lose a partner, but you may also strain your relationship with a close family member.

The recovery process can be more challenging as you’ll likely continue to see them at family gatherings, making it hard to move on.

8. Legal implications

In some jurisdictions, relationships between cousins are illegal. While this isn’t the case everywhere, it’s worth considering the legal implications if you’re thinking about pursuing a relationship with a cousin. In some places, such relationships could lead to hefty fines, jail time, or other legal complications.

9. Impact on other family relationships

A relationship with a cousin doesn’t just affect the two of you – it can also have repercussions for other family members.

Although you might be okay with the idea of dating your cousin, the likelihood is your family probably won’t be. Most aren’t. Also think about how awkward it will be for them when they have to explain your relationship to outsiders. Yikes!

Don’t be surprised if you and your lover-cousin are disowned for bringing shame to the family!

Final thought

So, as you can see, dating your cousin might seem like an easy option – familiar, comfortable, and no need for awkward introductions. But, it’s fraught with issues, from biological risks to societal pressures and beyond.

As much as those royal dramas make it look all kinds of intriguing, in reality, it’s best to leave the cousin-dating narratives to the fictional world. You know what they say, there are plenty of fish in the sea – best to cast your net there instead!

Stick to exploring the vast ocean of potential partners outside your family tree. It’s not only safer but also allows for more diverse experiences and growth. Who knows, you might find someone who makes your heart skip a beat in the most unexpected places!