Why You Should Never Get A Pit Bull

Why you should never get a pitbull

Why You Should Never Get A Pit Bull

When deciding which dog to get, if protection is your main priority, then you might consider getting a pit bull. They’re well known for their ability to protect and defend their owners.

However, in the same breath one could say they’re also known for attacking their owners and those close to them – humans and animals alike. For this reason, the ownership of them is banned in several US states and the United Kingdom.

Their protection comes at a price. In exchange for it you get an aggressive, stubborn, unpredictable animal that has specific needs and often requires more care than other dog breeds.


What is a pit bull and where does it come from?

The term “pit bull” is used to describe the American Pit Bull Terrier, a mixed breed dog descended from terriers and bulldogs. They were bred to be fighting dogs, and they’re one of the most popular breeds in America for this reason.

In the remainder of this article, we’ll demonstrate why owning a pit bull is a terrible idea, and what other breeds might be a safer choice.

They’re aggressive

Pit bulls are extremely aggressive. This aggressiveness is something that gets bred into them because it’s often what they’re used for – fighting and biting animals in dog fights, as well as attacking people during robberies or break-ins.

This aggression can make pit bulls very difficult to control, even by their owners.

They’re unpredictable

Pit bulls are independent thinkers and they can be unpredictable in their behavior. An unpredictable dog cannot safely be left unattended or around vulnerable people, like children.

Since these dogs were bred for fighting purposes, there’s a chance that they could attack anyone or anything at any moment.

They’re dangerous

Their aggression and unpredictability makes them one of the most dangerous dog breeds in the world. They have a higher than average chance of fatally injuring people or other animals during an attack, even if they’re just playing.

According to Wag Walking, in the top 10 list of dog breeds with the strongest jaw, pit bulls stand at number 8. This means that when they bite, they’re going to do real damage.

In the US alone, of the over 350 people killed by dogs each year, pit bulls were responsible 64% of the time.

They will turn on their owners

Although dogs are loyal, pit bulls included, due to their unpredictable nature, they will turn on their owners at the drop of a hat, and have been known to maul them.

If their owners aren’t even safe from their wrath, how will anyone else be?

They need plenty of space

Pit bulls are notorious for taking over their owner’s backyard and home, as they need plenty of space all to themselves. Enclosed spaces often put them on edge, making them more vicious.

They have trouble adapting to changes

There have been instances when a new person – a new baby or a guest coming to stay – enters the house and is attacked. This is because pit bulls don’t adjust well to change.

Likewise, if you decide to redecorate, your pit bull friend will have problems with moved furniture etc.

More prone to tumors

Pit bulls are at higher risk than most other dogs of developing cancerous mast cell tumors (MCT), which account for around 20% of skin tumors in dogs. In the later stages of this cancer, most dogs will die within 6 months, even after undergoing surgery.

They’re stubborn

Pit bulls are known for their stubbornness. This makes them difficult to train, which means that you’ll have to put a lot of time into the process and it might not work in the end.

Which brings us back to their dangerous nature. A dog that cannot be trained will be a danger to everyone around it.

They’re high-maintenance

Although their fur is short and thus doesn’t require the same level of care that more hairier breeds need – like frequent brushing, regular haircuts, and long baths – their constant need for attention makes pit bulls high maintenance in their own right.

Neglecting a pit bull will affect the way it behaves, which can be deadly for you and the people around you.

What are some alternative dogs to pit bulls?

If you want a dog who is just as loyal, intelligent and protective, here are 5 alternatives to pit bulls:

Great Dane

Siberian Husky

English Bulldog


German Shepherd


Due to their aggressiveness and unpredictability, pit bulls are not family-friendly pets, and sometimes aren’t even owner friendly pets! So, while you might want to protect yourself from outside dangers, you could end up putting yourself in even more danger by selecting a pit bull as your companion.