Why You Should Never Have Plants In Your Bedroom

Why you should never have plants in your bedroom

Why You Should Never Have Plants In Your Bedroom

We all know that plants are good for us. They improve our air quality, boost our mood, and can even help us focus.

While plants are generally great for most rooms in our homes, there are some places where they just don’t belong – and one of those places is the bedroom.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons why having plants in the room where you sleep is not a good idea.

4 reasons why you shouldn’t have plants in your bedroom

1. Plants release carbon dioxide at night, and suck in oxygen

Photosynthesis is the process that allows plants to convert sunlight into energy. While this process occurs during the day, plants also continue to release carbon dioxide at night whilst sucking in our much-needed oxygen.

Although the amount of oxygen that a plant takes in during the night is minimal, this coupled with the larger amount of carbon dioxide that is released can create an unhealthy environment for us to sleep in.

Too much exposure to carbon dioxide can cause headaches, dizziness, and nausea – all of which are not conducive to a good night’s sleep.

2. Plants attract insects

Plants need water to survive, and unfortunately, standing water can attract insects.

If you’ve never had plants in your home before, you’re in for a fright when you see the kinds of little critters that they can bring in!

From mosquitoes and fruit flies to ants and spiders, having plants in your bedroom is just asking for trouble. Not only are these insects a nuisance, but some of them can also bite or sting – not exactly what you want when you’re trying to drift off to sleep.

3. Plants can cause or trigger allergies

If you suffer from allergies, then you know how important it is to avoid triggers that can make your symptoms worse.

Sadly, many common houseplants can cause or trigger allergies. Pollen is the most common allergen, but mold often grows on the leaves of plants, which can also cause problems for those with sensitivities.

So if you suffer from hay fever, asthma, or any other kind of allergy, having plants in your bedroom will more than likely impact your health negatively.

4. Plants can make your room look messy

There’s no denying that plants can brighten up any room, but they can also make a space look cluttered and messy.

Not only do they take up a lot of space, but when their leaves start to droop, or their flowers start to wilt, they can quickly make a room look unkempt.

And let’s not forget how much of a mess they can make when they start shedding leaves or flowers. All that extra cleaning is just another reason to keep plants out of your bedroom.


On the whole, having a small plant in your bedroom is probably not going to do any harm. It might improve your mood or make you feel more refreshed every morning.

But try not to overdo it. Large, intrusive plants can quickly turn your bedroom into a jungle, and that’s not going to do you any good.

And if you suffer from allergies or asthma, it’s best to avoid having plants in your bedroom altogether. The last thing you want is for your sleep to be disturbed by a sneezing fit or an asthma attack.