Why You Should Never Use Checks/Cheques

Why You Should Never Use Checks/Cheques

Why You Should Never Use Checks/Cheques

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably wondered why people are still using checks in this age of digital wizardry.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, checks have a sort of nostalgic charm, don’t they? They’re like those old Polaroid photos you find tucked away in your grandma’s attic.

Checks were once the backbone of non-cash transactions. They were handy, relatively easy to use, and gave you a paper trail for your expenses.

But times have changed, and we need to talk about why checks are no longer the go-to option for money matters.

7 disadvantages of using checks

1. They’re slower than a snail on vacation

If you enjoy the speed of a turtle race, then checks are for you. First, you need to write out the check, hand it over, and then the recipient has to take time to go to the bank. After depositing it, everyone is stuck waiting for the check to clear.

This is a lot of steps and a lot of waiting compared to digital payments, which finish in mere seconds. In our fast-paced world, checks are an old wagon in the express lane.

2. A playground for fraudsters

Back in the day, checks might have felt safe. However, today, they’re like an open invitation for fraud. The information on a check includes your name, address, and bank account number. Someone could easily manipulate this info and poof! You’re knee-deep in financial woes.

Modern payment methods have multiple layers of security that checks just can’t match.

3. Balancing your checkbook is no fun

Remember when I said checks give you a paper trail? Well, that’s a double-edged sword. On one hand, it’s good to have a record, but on the other hand, keeping track of each check you’ve written is about as fun as counting grains of sand on a beach.

If you forget to note even one, your financial world can spin into chaos, and overdraft fees will feast on your account.

4. Eco-unfriendly

Alright, let’s talk Mother Earth for a second. If you’re environmentally conscious, checks should be on your “avoid like the plague” list. These pieces of paper not only require trees to be made, but their carbon footprint from being mailed around the country is far from green.

E-payments, on the other hand, are as clean as a freshly washed apple.

5. The hidden costs are sneaky

Just when you thought checks were a simple way to move your money, here comes the parade of hidden costs. Sure, you’ve got to buy the checkbook, and that’s just the ticket to enter the game.

Want to add some flair to your checks with custom designs? Get ready to shell out some extra cash.

Then, if the check bounces, you’re on the hook for fees from your bank and maybe the other person’s bank too.

But wait, there’s more! Even cashing a check can lighten your wallet, thanks to bank fees or check-cashing services that take a cut of your money.

6. Rarely accepted nowadays

It’s like showing up to a roller-skating rink with ice skates—out of place and totally unwelcome. These days, more and more businesses are steering clear of checks. They’re all about credit cards, digital wallets, and other electronic payment methods.

So, when you whip out your checkbook at the counter, you might be met with raised eyebrows or a straight-up “Sorry, we don’t accept checks.” It’s not just awkward; it’s a sign that checks have become the dinosaurs of the financial world.

7. Difficulty using them abroad

Taking checks on a world tour? Think again. Using checks in another country is like trying to play a VHS tape in a world of streaming—complicated and outdated.

Many foreign businesses don’t accept checks, and those that do will often charge astronomical fees to process them. The exchange rates can also be a wild card, leaving you scratching your head over how much you’re actually spending.

Final thought

Checks had their moment in the sun, but that sun has set, and it’s time to wave them goodbye. Their limitations outweigh the benefits, and in today’s fast-paced, digital world, we just can’t afford to be slowed down or compromised by outdated methods.

So, shall we toast to the future of financial transactions? Cheers to going check-free!