Why You Should Never Become A Model

Why You Should Never Become A Model

Why You Should Never Become A Model

Modeling might just be, at least on the surface, the most glamorous profession out there. We’ve all seen those immaculate faces splashed across glossy magazines, admired their strut down international catwalks, and marveled at their glamorous lives (at least as they appear on Instagram).

Ah, the money, the fame, the jet-setting lifestyle! To some, it might seem like a dream ticket to a life filled with excitement, glitz, and all the high fashion one could dream of. But, is it all it’s cracked up to be?

Trust me when I tell you, the life of a model isn’t just sunshine and roses. Far from it, in fact. The reality behind those perfect smiles is often grueling, and I’m not just talking about the occasional mascara in the eye.

Ready for a backstage pass to the not-so-glittering world of modeling? Read on.

12 reasons why you shouldn’t become a model

1. Expect your self-esteem to do the loop-the-loop

Modeling isn’t just about striking a pose; it’s about taking rejection on the chin—over and over again. Regardless of your stunning looks or honed skills, you’re bound to face a chorus of “no”s that won’t always make sense.

The incessant critique on your looks can be a sucker punch to your self-worth. When the judgments are skin-deep and relentless, the toll on your mental well-being can be steep, often paving the way to depression and anxiety.

2. “You are what you eat” gets a little too real

The pressure to maintain a particular body size or weight is high in the modeling industry. Some models resort to extreme diets and harmful habits (drugs and other nasties) to meet these unhealthy standards. This can lead to eating disorders, malnutrition, and long-term health consequences.

Food should be a pleasure, not a source of constant stress!

3. It’s not a 9-to-5 gig

Ever fancied working at ungodly hours, running between photoshoots, and collapsing into bed at dawn? You might think your day job is demanding, but modeling makes the rat race look like a leisurely stroll.

The irregular schedule can wreak havoc on your social life, health, and general sanity. Sleep? Good luck with that.

4. Your career lifespan is a blip

In the modeling world, youth is the name of the game. As you age, opportunities dwindle, and by your mid-twenties (which, by the way, is still quite young), you’re often considered over the hill. What other career forces retirement before you’ve even got a handle on doing your taxes?!

5. It’s not all that financially secure

Don’t let the millionaire supermodels fool you. They are the exception, not the rule. Most models have to hustle for low-paying gigs and sometimes even work for “exposure”.

Add to that the unstable nature of the industry, where a job today doesn’t guarantee one tomorrow, and you’re looking at a pretty risky financial venture.

6. Your personal life? What’s that?

Modeling often involves extensive travel, leaving little time for personal relationships or a stable home life. Constantly being on the move can lead to feelings of isolation and lack of a solid support system.

Yes, you’ll be surrounded by your peers most of your time, but it’s just not the same (especially when said peers are vying for the same opportunities you are. That’s when the claws will come out!).

7. It’s not always about talent

Sadly, in the modeling industry, it’s often more about who you know than what you can do. Nepotism runs rife and without the right connections, you might struggle to find your footing. Sounds a bit like an uphill battle, doesn’t it?

8. Expect the stereotype of being a bubble-head

Unfortunately, models often find themselves on the receiving end of a frustrating stereotype—that they’re all beauty and no brains. As if being pretty or handsome automatically precludes the ability to be intellectual or thoughtful.

Battling this deeply ingrained prejudice can be exhausting and demoralizing, especially when you’re as capable of sparking up a discussion on quantum physics as you are striking a pose.

9. You might have to compromise your values

There may be times when you’re asked to wear something, promote a brand, or work with individuals that clash with your personal beliefs or values. The pressure to accept these jobs for the sake of your career can create inner conflict and dissatisfaction.

A friend of mine, who was religious, faced this very dilemma when asked to wear revealing outfits for photoshoots. As a result, her career never really took off.

The modeling world doesn’t always allow for personal values to dictate professional choices, and that’s a pretty tough pill to swallow.

10. You’re treated as a commodity, not a person

In the modeling industry, it’s easy to feel like you’re just a mannequin, an object to be dressed up and paraded around. This dehumanization can be disconcerting and damaging to one’s sense of self.

It’s a business where your humanity can sometimes be eclipsed by your marketability, and that can leave a bitter taste in the mouth. It’s hardly the dream job when you’re not even viewed as human first.

11. Aching for meaningful impact

Models often grapple with the feeling that they’re not really contributing anything of substance to society.

While fashion and photography certainly have their artistic and cultural value, the sense of personal fulfillment might feel a bit thin when you’re primarily valued for how you look, rather than what you do, create, or think.

The longing to make a meaningful impact will leave you feeling a bit hollow in an industry primarily concerned with aesthetics.

12. Love life on the shallow end

It’s unfortunate but true: The perception of models often translates into their romantic lives as well. Potential partners might be more interested in the glamorous arm candy aspect than the real person underneath the makeup.

This can lead to shallow, superficial relationships that lack the depth and understanding that come with genuine connection. The quest for true love can be a tricky one when you’re always in the spotlight.

Final thoughts

As you can see, underneath the sequins and spotlights, the modeling world isn’t quite the glossy paradise it’s painted to be. It’s more like a never-ending photo-shoot, where you’re always trying to find your best angle, even when the lighting’s awful and the photographer’s had one too many espressos!

At the end of the day, it might be more rewarding to strike a pose on your own terms—whether that’s balancing a spreadsheet, perfecting a soufflé, or rocking out on your air guitar. After all, why walk the catwalk when you can strut through life, confident, fulfilled, and without a single judge’s score in sight?