Why You Should Never Buy A House Near A School

Why you should never buy a house near a school

Why You Should Never Buy A House Near A School

Congratulations on reaching this huge milestone in your life!

Buying a house is a big deal, the biggest purchase you’ll likely ever make. This, along with the fact that you’re going to be spending a significant chunk of your time at the property, means that you need to be extra careful about where you buy your house.

One of the things you need to consider when deciding where to buy your house is whether or not there are any schools in the area. You might think that living near a school would be a good thing, especially if you have children or plan on having them in the future. But there are several reasons why you should avoid buying a house near a school. Let’s discuss them below.

7 reasons why you shouldn’t buy a house near a school

1. Noise pollution

Schools can be noisy places, especially during recess and lunchtime when the kids are outside playing. If your house is too close to the school, you’ll never be able to get away from the noise. This can be a real problem if you work from home or need peace and quiet during the day.

2. Crowded streets

During school drop-off and pick-up times, the streets around the school can get very crowded with parents’ cars and people congregating around your property. This can make it difficult to park near your house and make it a hassle to get in and out of your driveway.

3. Less privacy

Houses near schools tend to have less privacy because there are always people around. If you value your privacy and want to avoid having people snooping around your property, then you should avoid buying a house near a school.

4. Possibility of vandalism

If your dream home is close to a school, particularly a high school with older, more rebellious students, then there’s a greater risk of vandalism. Things like broken windows, graffiti, and litter can really decrease the value of your property.

The class of school is important here, too. You’re less likely to have problems with vandalism if the school is considered “good” – i.e. private over state schools.

5. Increased traffic

If a school is located near your house, you can expect an increase in traffic, especially during peak times like drop-off and pick-up. This can make it difficult to get around your neighborhood or get to and from work.

6. Dangerous

Children are often very reckless when crossing roads, especially if they’re in a hurry to get to school or home. If your house is located near a school, there’s a greater chance that a child will dart out into the road without looking and get hit by your car.

You’ll need to be extra careful when driving near a school, and you might even want to consider changing your route to avoid the area altogether.

7. You’ll be paying a premium

Houses near schools tend to be more expensive than other properties because they’re considered desirable. Families with children want to live close to good schools, so they’re willing to pay a premium for the privilege. (Read more on that here.)

If you’re looking for a bargain, then you might need to look elsewhere.

Are there any benefits of buying a house near a school?

It’s not all doom and gloom. Buying a house near a school also has its advantages. These include:

  • It will be easy to sell – Families with children will always want to live close to a good school, so your property will be in high demand
  • It’s a great investment – Houses near schools tend to appreciate in value faster than other properties, so you could make a tidy profit if you sell up in the future
  • You’ll have peace of mind – Areas with schools tend to be safe and family-friendly, so you’ll be able to relax knowing your children aren’t in danger
  • You can save money on gas – If you live close to the school, you won’t have to drive your children there every day. This can save you a lot of money on gas