Why You Should Never Buy A Manual Car

Why You Should Never Buy A Manual Car

Why You Should Never Buy A Manual Car

Listen up, gear heads, this is your motor-mouthed maestro, here to discuss a contentious topic that’s as fiery as a souped-up Mustang’s tailpipe. You know, it’s the kind of debate that sparks more controversy than asking who’s the greatest Formula 1 driver of all time.

We’re diving head first into the choppy waters of manual versus automatic transmissions. I can already hear the purists howling, but hold onto your gear knobs! I’ve got some pretty solid reasons why buying a manual car just isn’t the thing to do.

7 reasons why you shouldn’t buy a manual car

1. Playing keep up with technology

Face it, folks, we’re in 2023, not the 1920s. Advancements in automobile technology have leaped forward faster than a Bugatti Veyron hitting 60.

Today, the automatic transmissions aren’t just more advanced, they’re smarter, smoother, and more fuel-efficient than your beloved stick shift. They’re busy figuring out optimal shift points while you’re still juggling with that third pedal.

2. Green light Grand Prix

Picture this: you’re first in line at the traffic light grand prix, the light goes green and… you stall. It happens to the best of us, no matter how seasoned we are as drivers. Learning the delicate dance of clutch and gas is an art form, one that most of us never really master.

So, why put yourself through the misery? With an automatic, you’re always ready to go, no stalling, no embarrassment.

3. The traffic jam tango

Ever tried crawling along in stop-start traffic with a manual? You’ll finish your commute with a left leg stronger than a Tour de France cyclist.

The endless dance between the clutch and brake is enough to make anyone swear off manuals for life. Automatics just make the traffic jam tango less of a workout and more of a glide.

4. Comfort is king

Let’s not tiptoe around this one, driving an automatic is simply more comfortable. No constant shifting, no juggling between pedals, just sit back, steer, and let the car do the work. It’s as luxurious as having a chauffeur, minus the fancy hat.

5. Resale value realities

Like it or not, demand for manual cars is sliding faster than a greased-up penguin on an ice slope. Most folks are looking for an easy, comfortable ride, and let’s face it, automatics tick that box. What does this mean for your manual car’s resale value? I’ll let you connect the dots.

6. The distraction factor

We’re living in an age of infotainment screens, smartphone connectivity, and voice-controlled everything. Juggling all of that and a manual gearbox is like trying to pat your head and rub your belly while singing the alphabet backward.

An automatic transmission frees you up to actually enjoy the whizz-bang tech your car is brimming with.

7. The learning curve

Learning to drive a manual is akin to learning an obscure foreign language. It’s tricky, it’s frustrating, and when you’re done, only a select few actually appreciate your effort.

For new drivers, automatics eliminate the steep learning curve, making the whole process a lot less daunting.

Final thought

Okay, I’ve made my case, and while I can already sense the die-hard manual lovers revving up to challenge me, remember, we’re just having a bit of fun here. After all, isn’t that what driving is supposed to be about (well, besides getting from A to B)?

So, whether you’re for manuals or autos, keep your engines roaring, and enjoy the ride. Just remember to leave the stick shift in the past where it belongs.