Why You Should Never Date A Short Guy

Why You Should Never Date A Short Guy

Why You Should Never Date A Short Guy

Well, this one’s going to ruffle a few feathers, but I’m well-prepared for that. As it happens, ruffling feathers is my middle name (it’s not, sadly. My middle name is extremely bland).

Today, we’ll be exploring the hotly debated topic that’s gotten its fair share of airtime in barbershops, hair salons, and internet chat rooms – the woes of dating short men.

Now, before you start hurling virtual rotten tomatoes at me, hear me out. This isn’t about trashing shorter men or promoting heightism (yes, that’s actually a thing), it’s more about exploring some common challenges that pop up when dating a shorter dude.

You might have experienced these, or you’ve heard tales from friends, or maybe you’re just curious. Either way, let’s walk through this height-sensitive minefield together. But mind the step, will ya?

9 reasons why you shouldn’t date a short man

1. The awkwardness of physical disparity

Ever tried slow-dancing with someone significantly shorter than you? Or maybe leaning in for a kiss only to find that you’re practically performing an advanced yoga pose?

It might seem trivial, but the physical disparities between you two can sometimes lead to awkward situations that can dampen the sparks of romance.

2. The Napoleon complex

Also known as the short man syndrome, this is a psychological phenomenon where some short men overcompensate for their lack of height by being overly assertive or aggressive. This might lead to them adopting a defensive stance in relationships, which can be rather draining to deal with.

You might find your height-challenged paramour continuously trying to prove his worth, not just to you, but to the world around him. That struggle to assert dominance and command respect, despite his shorter stature, can sometimes translate into an exhausting power play.

3. Social stigma and pressure

The societal pressure and stigma of being a taller woman dating a shorter man are real, because, let’s be honest – it looks a bit odd!

Even in this enlightened age, it can be difficult to shake off judgmental looks and whispered comments. The outside world’s perception can, unfortunately, put a strain on your relationship.

4. Limiting fashion choices

Want to rock those killer heels on date night? With a shorter man, you might find yourself giving up certain wardrobe choices to avoid towering over him (more than you already do). This might not be a deal-breaker, but it can be a little disheartening if you’re a high-heel lover.

5. Offspring height

While it’s not a guaranteed science, the chances are that children of a shorter man might also be short. If you’re concerned about your future kids’ height and potential bullying or self-esteem issues that might come with being short, it could be a factor.

6. Gender norms and feeling protected

Dating a shorter man can sometimes challenge ingrained gender norms. It’s not uncommon for women to feel more secure and protected with a taller partner. These feelings can stem from deep-rooted societal expectations that depict men as the taller and physically stronger ones in a relationship.

When your man is on the shorter side, it might subconsciously affect your sense of security. This is not to say that shorter men can’t be protective, but if physical stature is a significant part of what makes you feel safe and guarded, dating a shorter guy might present a challenge.

7. Increased chances of confrontations

You might think it’s an urban myth, but there’s some truth to the belief that shorter guys tend to get picked on more. This isn’t a general rule, but there can be situations where people, feeling emboldened by their size, might initiate unnecessary confrontations with a shorter man.

Dealing with these unnecessary skirmishes can add an extra layer of stress to your relationship. No one wants their date nights ending up in a pointless alpha showdown, do they?

8. The risk of unintentional patronizing

This one’s tricky, as it might happen without you even realizing it. When you’re taller than your partner, it’s possible to fall into a pattern where you start treating him more like a child than an equal. Your partner might very well begin to feel belittled (sorry, I had to go there!) as a result.

This doesn’t mean you’re a bad person, but the height difference can sometimes unconsciously influence our behaviors and reactions. This could potentially harm the dynamic of the relationship, leading to resentment and a sense of inequality.

9. Perception of seriousness and respect

The world can be a harsh judge, and unfortunately, height often influences perceptions. If your guy is on the shorter side, some people might not take him as seriously as they would a taller man. This societal bias can seep into professional and personal interactions, subtly undermining his standing in the eyes of others.

More concerning, though, is if these external perceptions start to impact your own view of your partner. If you find yourself influenced by the societal bias, you might unconsciously start to lose respect for him.

Final thoughts

I hope you don’t think I’m height-shaming. These are just common challenges and it doesn’t mean shorter men aren’t worth dating.

Ultimately, height is just a number. What matters most is personality, character, and how much love and respect you have for each other.

But it doesn’t hurt to be aware of these points when you’re pondering over whether to date that cute guy who’s not exactly NBA material.