Why You Should Never Date An Older Man

Why you should never date an older man

Why You Should Never Date An Older Man

Age ain’t nothing but a number… or so they say. But when it comes to dating, the older you are, the more pronounced those age differences become.

And while there are plenty of reasons to date an older man – maturity, experience, financial stability – there are also just as many reasons why you might want to steer clear of that silver fox. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

12 reasons why you shouldn’t date an older man

1. He’s probably set in his ways

The older he is the more set in his ways he’ll be, and he won’t be open to trying new things. If he’s been married before, chances are he likes his routine just the way it is and won’t be too keen on shaking things up.

2. He’s had more time to perfect his bad habits

Sure, he might have a few good years left in him but by dating an older man, you’re also dating all of his old baggage. And trust us, he’s probably got a lot of it. He’ll be jaded in ways you can’t even imagine and that baggage WILL come out in the relationship eventually.

3. He has different priorities than you do

At this stage in his life, he might be looking to settle down and start a family. Or maybe he already has grown kids. And you? Depending on how young you are, you might still be trying to figure out what you want to do with your life. The two of you are on completely different paths and it’s only going to get more difficult as time goes on.

4. Friends and family won’t approve

Although the two of you might be as happy as clams together, chances are your loved ones won’t be too thrilled about the idea of him dating someone so much younger than him.

If he has older children, they might not approve either. They’ll see you as a phase he’s going through and someone who is taking advantage of him.

5. He’s not as spry as you are

Remember being able to party all night long, sleep until noon, and then do it all over again? Maybe you did that last week! Well, he’s not going to be able to do stuff like that. And that means you’ll have to either slow down to his pace or find someone else who can keep up with you.

6. You won’t have much in common

The older he is, the less you’ll have in common. It’s not just that he won’t be able to relate to some of your experiences, but also that some of the things that are important to you simply won’t matter as much to him. And vice versa.

7. He’ll likely be more controlling than someone your age

The wider the age gap, the more likely he is to be controlling and domineering in the relationship. He’s had a lot more life experience than you have so he’ll feel like he knows better in almost every situation. And while that might not be a bad thing all the time, it can certainly get old after a while.

Eventually, you’ll feel like you’re being talked down to a lot or that he’s always trying to tell you what to do.

8. You’ll feel like a child around him

Not only will he be more controlling, but you’ll always feel like a child around him – especially if there’s a significant age difference. He’ll want to take care of you and do things for you and that might not be something you’re looking for in a relationship.

Worse still, people who see you out together might assume that he’s your father!

9. His idea of a good time might be very different from yours

Older people often have different ideas about what constitutes a good time than younger people do. And that can be a big problem if you’re on different pages about things like that.

If he’s retired and spending his days playing golf or watching daytime TV, but you’re still working and want to go out and do things, you’re going to have a hard time finding common ground.

10. You’ll have vastly different social circles

Even if you do have things in common, chances are your social circles will be very different. He’s likely to have a group of friends who are all at a similar stage in their lives while you’re still making new friends and discovering new things.

When it comes to double dates or dinner parties, you or he might find yourselves feeling a little left out, simply because you don’t have anyone to relate to.

11. He might not be able to “perform”

Age will take its toll on a man’s body in the bedroom just as it does everywhere else. So if you’re looking for a wild time, you might be disappointed.

Erectile dysfunction is more common in older men and so is the need for Viagra or other medications to keep things going. If that’s not something you’re willing to deal with, then an older man might not be the right choice for you.

12. You could end up taking care of him

There are just some things that happen as we age that we can’t control, no matter how healthy we are. So if you’re in a relationship with an older man, there’s a chance you’ll end up taking care of him as he gets older and his health starts to decline.

You might find yourself being his caregiver instead of his partner, and that’s not a role you signed up for.


At the end of the day, we can’t really help who we fall for. Wouldn’t life be easier if we could? If you’ve met someone and you’re really into him, then providing it’s completely legal, safe, and not creepy, then go for it!

But if you’re on the fence about whether or not dating an older man is the right move for you, then consider the downsides carefully. It’s not just about the age difference, it’s about everything that comes along with it.