Why You Should Never Have Sex Every Day

Why You Should Never Have Sex Every Day

Why You Should Never Have Sex Every Day

I see you’ve stumbled upon this piece thinking, “What’s the big fuss about not doing the horizontal tango every day?”

Well, before we continue, let me clarify – I’m not about to bash daily sex. For some couples, it can be a source of joy, connection, stress relief, and even a calorie burner.

Yet, it’s crucial to recognize that this intense frequency might not be ideal for everyone. Like a rich chocolate cake that you love, but know you shouldn’t eat every day, there are several reasons why you may want to reconsider daily sex.

Because, as with everything in this world that’s awesome, there is such a thing as overindulgence. And yes, sadly, that applies to sex too. Don’t believe me? Read on and see for yourself.

11 reasons why you shouldn’t have sex every day

1. Stale bread, anyone?

Daily sex can, unfortunately, lead to the “routine effect”. Just like that loaf of bread that loses its freshness over time, sex every day can become monotonous and stale. By making sex a predictable routine, there’s a risk of letting the element of excitement fizzle out.

Over time, the spark of anticipation that spices up the sexual relationship might just die out, leaving you with a sexual interaction that feels more habitual than heartfelt.

2. The pressure cooker scenario

Next, let’s talk about pressure. No, not the sexy kind. The kind that comes from feeling obligated to have sex every day. This can lead to an unspoken tension and anxiety, similar to the pressure you feel when you have a looming work deadline.

This daily sex mandate can, over time, shift the focus from mutual pleasure to meeting quotas, stripping away the joy and spontaneity associated with intimacy.

3. The ‘nitty-gritty’ health details

Frequent sex can have some unexpected health implications too. Let’s say you’re a woman who’s prone to urinary tract infections (UTIs). The more frequent the sexual activity, the higher the chances of bacteria being transferred into the urethra, leading to a potential UTI. Not so appealing now, is it?

4. Losing sight of other love languages

While we’re on the topic, let’s not forget that sex is only one of many expressions of love and intimacy. By concentrating your efforts on daily sexual interactions, you may inadvertently neglect other meaningful non-sexual activities. Sharing a quiet dinner, laughing at a shared joke, or simply cuddling while watching a movie, can foster intimacy too.

5. Emotionally not ‘in the mood’

Think about the days when you’re emotionally spent, where even the thought of physical intimacy seems exhausting. This is quite normal, yet daily sex doesn’t leave room for such emotional ebbs and flows. Ignoring your emotional state and pushing for sex regardless can lead to feelings of resentment and disconnection.

6. The external dictators

Certain external factors can influence your sexual appetite. These include menstrual cycles, medication side-effects, or chronic health conditions.

Trying to keep up with a daily sexual routine despite these factors can lead to discomfort, unnecessary strain, or even aggravate existing health conditions.

7. Habituation isn’t your friend

Habituation, a term we borrowed from our psychologist friends, describes the process of getting used to a certain stimulus. So, repeated daily sex might make the whole experience feel less arousing over time, believe it or not. The butterflies in the stomach you once felt might just be a faint flutter.

8. Exhaustion is real

We cannot ignore the physical toll. High-intensity sex can be quite a workout (goodbye, gym membership!). But just like you need rest after a grueling gym session, your body needs time to recover after sex.

Daily sex might leave your body in a constant state of fatigue, hampering your overall performance.

9. Dealing with wear and tear

Just like your favorite pair of running shoes that you’ve worn every day and are now seeing the signs of wear and tear, your body, too, isn’t impervious to daily rigorous activities.

When we talk about sex, we’re referring to an intensely physical act. As pleasurable as it is, engaging in sex daily can lead to some unforeseen wear and tear on your body.

(You don’t really need me to go into detail about the types of wear and tear your body faces from daily sex, I’m sure. Use your imagination.)

10. Unplanned guests, anyone?

Regardless of the contraception you use, none is 100% foolproof. If you’re not looking to expand your family, having sex every day can naturally increase your chances of unexpected pregnancies (and STIs, if we’re being honest).

It’s simple statistics: the more frequently you roll the dice, the higher the chance you’ll eventually land on that one ‘risky’ number.

11. Your neighbors won’t like you much

Finally, while your daily amorous activities might seem like a private affair, remember that sound travels. If you’re living in close quarters with others (apartment complexes, for instance), your nighttime escapades might be less private than you think.

The last thing you want is to be known as ‘that couple’ by your sleep-deprived neighbors. We’re all for expressing love freely, but perhaps not at the cost of your neighbor’s sanity, eh?

Final thoughts

As we pull up the covers on this topic, you might find yourself viewing your daily romp in the sheets in a different light. Maybe you’re even musing, “Well, I didn’t see that coming!” Sex, like a perfectly aged wine, might just be more enjoyable when savored, not gulped.

On that cheeky note, remember, I’m not saying turn your back on sex – far from it! But, don’t let it become like that catchy pop song you played on repeat until it lost all charm. Keep it exciting, keep it fresh, and most importantly, keep it fun.