Why You Should Never Buy The Xbox Series X

Why you should never buy the xbox series x

Why You Should Never Buy The Xbox Series X

Choosing which console to buy is a tough decision. You need to factor in things like budget, game selection, and how good the graphics are.

When it comes to games consoles, the most popular 9th generation models are Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X/S. These represent the very best that current gaming technology has to offer, and for most people, it’s a toss-up as to which one they should buy, seeing as purchasing both would be incredibly expensive.

Another concern for many gamers is whether they should buy the more expensive Xbox Series X or the less expensive Xbox Series S.

What’s the difference between Xbox Series X and Series S?

The Xbox Series X is the more powerful console of the two, with better graphics and a faster processor. It also plays games natively at 4K resolution, while the Series S plays them at a lower resolution that is upscaled to 4K, meaning that the Series X will offer a better gaming experience overall.

The Series S is designed to be a more affordable option for people who don’t care so much about 4K resolution. It still has some great features, like a fast processor and good game selection, but it’s not as powerful as the Series X.

Although each of the three consoles has its advantages and disadvantages, there are some compelling reasons why settling on the Xbox Series X might not be the best idea. In this article, we’ll explore some of them.

8 reasons why you shouldn’t buy an Xbox Series X

1. The price

The Xbox Series X retails for $499 in the US, and £449 in the UK. That’s a pretty hefty price tag, especially when you compare it to the $399/£349 PlayStation 5. If you’re price-conscious but still want a good selection of games, it’s easy to see which one is the better deal.

2. The selection of games is limited

Although both the Xbox and PlayStation have plenty of next-gen games to choose from, the PlayStation 5 has far more. This has always been the case with previous generations as well, so it’s not surprising that the trend is continuing.

You won’t, for instance, be able to play any of the new God of War, Spider-Man, or Final Fantasy games on your Xbox. Playstation exclusives have always been some of the most popular and highest-rated games, so this is a big loss for Microsoft.

3. The specs aren’t that much better

The Series X is definitely more powerful than the PS5 but that’s to be expected given the price difference. What’s more surprising is how close the two consoles are in terms of specs.

The main differences are that the Series X has a slightly faster processor, which means frame rates will be a tiny bit higher. However, most people probably won’t be able to tell the difference between the two, so it’s not worth spending the extra money on the Series X just for this.

4. It has performance issues

Some users of the Series X have been reporting performance issues with their new consoles. These include frame rate drops, glitches, and crashes.

Of course, these issues could be ironed out with future updates but it’s still something to keep in mind if you’re thinking about buying the console now.

5. The size

Although the Xbox Series X is shorter than the PS5, it’s much thicker. It’s also taller and thicker than the Series S. This might not be a big deal to some people but if you’re worried about saving space, the Series X isn’t the best option.

6. The design is ugly

This is a matter of personal opinion, but many people find the Series X to be an ugly console. It’s essentially just a black box with a large ventilation grill on the top.

The Series S, on the other hand, is much smaller and more sleek-looking, while the PS5 has a slim, futuristic design that’s much more visually appealing.

7. It has lots of little holes

The Series X has a lot of small holes on the top and sides of the console. These are necessary for ventilation, but if you suffer from trypophobia (the fear of small holes), they might be a big turn-off.

8. You might need a new TV

Assuming you don’t already have a 4K TV, you’ll need to buy one if you want to take full advantage of the Series X’s capabilities. This will obviously add to the overall cost of the console, making it even less attractive.

4K TVs are becoming increasingly common and more affordable, but they’re still not cheap. A good 42″ 4K TV will set you back around $700, while a 55″ model will cost closer to $1,000. If you’re not prepared to upgrade to a 4K TV, you’re better off sticking with the Series S.


The truth is, the Xbox Series X is a great console with a lot to offer. However, it’s not necessarily the best option for everyone.

If you’re on a budget or are more interested in games than specs, the PlayStation 5 or even the Series S, if you’re a diehard Xbox fan, are probably the better choices.