Why You Should Never Hold Your Poop

Why You Should Never Hold Your Poop

Why You Should Never Hold Your Poop

Alright, gather round folks because we’re about to dive into some uncharted territories. I’m talking about that natural human instinct we all know and love (or dread) — the call of nature.

We’ve all been there: in the middle of a killer season finale, stuck in peak hour traffic, or in a painstakingly boring office meeting. When nature’s knocking, the last thing you want to do is excuse yourself to the little boys or girls room.

But here’s the thing you might not know: holding in your poop isn’t just uncomfortable, it can also be harmful. Let’s explore why below.

9 reasons why you shouldn’t hold your poop

1. Potential for constipation

Hold your poop too often and you might just find yourself struggling with constipation. Your body absorbs more water from stool the longer it stays in the body, causing it to harden.

Plus, your colon can actually “forget” to push out stool when it’s time, leading to chronic constipation. So, you might want to think twice before you hit pause on your body’s poop cue.

2. Hello, hemorrhoids

Not a pleasant subject, but someone’s gotta address the elephant in the room. Hemorrhoids, swollen blood vessels in the rectum or anus, can be a direct consequence of straining and pressure.

Guess what? Holding in your poop can cause that. It’s like forcing a packed elevator to fit more people. At some point, it’s going to protest, right?

3. Risk of fecal impaction

Let’s get a bit science-y. Holding in your poop can lead to a fecal impaction. This is where stool becomes stuck in the colon and can’t be excreted. If this happens, a trip to the doctor (or sometimes the emergency room) is inevitable. Don’t make your colon stage a sit-in protest, keep things moving.

4. Possibility of a stretched colon

This one’s less common, but still worth mentioning. Constantly holding in your poop can lead to a condition known as megacolon (and no, it’s not as super as it sounds). Your colon can stretch beyond its normal size, which in turn can make it harder for it to push poop out.

5. Increased likelihood of anal fissures

Still not convinced? Well, holding in your poop can lead to anal fissures – tiny, painful tears in the lining of the anus. These come as a package deal with hard stools and straining, both linked to—you guessed it—holding in your poop. So, save yourself from unnecessary pain and take that bathroom break.

6. Buildup of toxins

Your body has a good reason for wanting to eliminate waste: it’s removing toxins. The longer the waste stays, the longer your body is exposed to these toxins. Not exactly what you want, is it?

7. It could find a way out without your permission

Think of it like this: your body is a resourceful system. When it wants to get something out, it’ll find a way, whether you’re ready or not. Ignoring the urge to go can potentially lead to involuntary bowel movements, or as we grown-ups like to call it, ‘accidents’. Trust me, it’s not a situation you want to be in, especially if you’re far away from a change of clothes!

8. It’s super uncomfortable

Let’s toss the science aside for a second and talk real talk. Holding in your poop is just plain uncomfortable. The bloating, the cramps, that weird ‘heavy’ feeling—you’re not doing yourself any favors by ignoring the urge to go.

Plus, is there anything quite as satisfying as the feeling of, um, ‘release’? I didn’t think so. There’s no need to torture yourself when the remedy is as simple as a quick trip to the loo.

9. You won’t be able to concentrate on anything else

You know exactly what I’m talking about. When the urge hits, it hits hard. It’s all-consuming and leaves little room for anything else. Trying to concentrate on work, enjoying your dinner, or listening intently to a friend’s relationship woes becomes a herculean task. Your mind and body are too busy orchestrating a dance of “hold it in” for you to focus on anything else.

Wrapping things up

Look, nature calls for a reason, and when it does, you have to do your best to answer. Your body is a well-oiled machine and pooping is part of its maintenance. Sure, it might not always come at the most convenient time, but then again, most good things don’t.

Happy pooping!